L’approccio al marketing e alla comunicazione nelle piccole e medie imprese: una ricerca empirica in Italia e UK (The approach to marketing and communication in small and medium-sized enterprises: an empirical research in Italy and the UK)

  • Carmela Tuccillo
Keywords: marketing, corporate communication, small and medium enterprises


Purpose of the paper: Despite the rich literature concerning the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), few studies have investigated the role of marketing and communication in this type of firms. In order to fill this gap, the paper concerns an empirical research on the organization of the marketing and communication in the SMEs, through an analysis of Italian and English firms, useful to recognize similarities and differences between the two samples.

Methodology: In order to identify distinctive characteristics of marketing strategies in 100 small medium enterprises in Italy and UK, a web survey is carried out. Moreover, the cluster analysis categorizes three different typologies of firms with specific features.

Findings: The results of the survey show that SMEs are beginning to recognize the importance of marketing and communication with a massive use of the activities related to them. However, there are differences in the approach to marketing and communication dictated by intrinsic characteristics of these firms e.g. sector, size, etc. Empirical evidences suggest that smaller firms are less oriented to adopt marketing and communication activities.

Research limitations: Research limitations concern the little number of firms within the two samples, in fact, it is impossible to generalize the results.

Practical implications: This study contributes to outline strategies for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the European context and to emphasize the necessity to plan marketing and communication activities in the SMEs.

Originality of the paper: This paper compared to previous studies, explore marketing and communication strategies using an empirical research.


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