Implementing clusters for economic development in emerging economies: the luong bamboo sector, Thanh Hoa province,Vietnam

  • Dung Ngoc Nguyen
  • Jacques Martin
Keywords: cluster, emerging economies, supply chain management, sustainability, bamboo industry


Purpose of the paper: Clusters have proven their effectiveness for economic development and have been set throughout the world for a number of decades. More recently, they have been applied in emerging and developing countries to boost their economic performance. Choosing a suitable type of clusters for a typical economic sector, in a specific geographical region with many different issues at stake, including today sustainable development, is a difficult task. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to initially investigate, analyze and select the most suitable and appropriate factors to build up a workable and efficient cluster for emerging economies.

Methodology: Based on existing literature on clusters, analysis of practices in the sector studied and interviews with the different stakeholders have been carried out.

Results: A typical agro-industrial model has been designed. Then, the case study on Luong bamboo production and processing in Thanh Hoa has led to design a specific agro-industrial bamboo cluster.

Limits to research: This study is the first phase of a wider study, which will assess the progress made in the industry after application of the cluster model.

Practical implications: The specific cluster model is helping actors in the industry to improve their practices and performance.

Originality of the paper: This is the only existing study in this field.


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