L’imprenditore innovatore come agente dello sviluppo tecnico, economico e sociale (The innovative entrepreneur as agent of technical, economic and social development)


  • Alfonso Gambardella




entrepreneur, innovation, development


Purpose of the paper: The aim of the following report is to analyze the figure of the entrepreneur-innovator describing the main features that make him one of the most important agents of technical, economic and social development in a country.
Methodology and Results: The following is a qualitative analysis that either reveals the theoretical rationale for why the entrepreneur represents such a crucial factor within an ecosystem of innovation and brings to light some of the most striking examples of the way in which the entrepreneur has become one of the main triggers of economic and social development in the world.
Limitations of the research: A comprehensive account of the empirical studies conducted in order to state quantitatively the benefits generated by entrepreneurs might enrich the discussion initiated in these pages.
Practical implications and originality of the work: Even the simple overview offered in this document has the potential to echo the need that each country has to nurture talent and encourage entrepreneurship. In particular, the following paper embodies an attempt to provide a useful conceptual map in which to analyze the various channels through which the entrepreneur influences and is influenced by the technical, economic and social environment he/she is surrounded by, serving as a starting point for future empirical analysis aiming at studying the relative importance of each of these channels.